пятница, 25 апреля 2014 г.


Oleg Sienko, CEO of Uralvagonzavod Corporation met with coaches and athletes of Armada Professional Paralympic Cycling Team, whose main partner is UVZ. The three winners and medalists received awards from the head of the Corporation. Aleksey Obydennov medalist in men’s road race 2013 Road World Championships in Canada, two-time world champion in 2014 Track Cycling World Cup in Mexico, and bronze medalist in team sprint. Obydennov became the first Russian world champion in Paralympic cycling and set a world record. Oleg Sienko has also awarded Sergey Ustinov – bronze medalist in team sprint of World Cup in Mexico and Svetlana Moshkovich – bronze medalist in London 2012 Paralympic Games and two-time medalist in Road World Championships in Canada in 2013.

Oleg Sienko said that despite that the Armada club is only two years old, the athletes have already shown outstanding results. He wished them success and new victories in the upcoming competitions. Paralympic athletes, in their turn, expressed gratitude to the corporation for its confidence and opportunity to prove that “the previous achievements were not a one-time success, but rather results of hard work” and promised to do their best at the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

The athletes discussed with Oleg Sienko the results of recent competitions and the future plans. According to the medalists, the key to their success was in hard training along with support of URALVAGONZAVOD which allowed them to participate in events around the world. It was noted that such high results should spur the attention of cycling federation and government agencies, and attract other partners from socially responsible business.

четверг, 24 апреля 2014 г.


Research and Production Corporation “URALVAGONZAVOD” participated in the 14th Defence Services Asia Exhibition and Conference DSA 2014, which opened in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

UVZ Corporation displayed at its exhibition stand models of new products developed by the facilities of the integrated structure of UVZ Corporation. There were models of “Terminator”, T-90S and T-72 Modernized tanks, BREM-1M produced at URALVAGONZAVOD (in the city of Nizhny Tagil), TOS-1A by KBTM (Omsk), almost inaudible 82mm 2B25 mortar by Central Scientific Research Institute “Burevestnik” (Nizhny Novgorod) and others.

“Terminator-2” was shown as a miniature radio-controlled model, fully identical to the original.

The models aroused great interest among the visitors. Among the guests of the UVZ exhibition stand were representatives of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of People's Republic of China, the Ministry of Defence of Egypt, Malaysia, India and manufacturers from Canada and Germany. Lyudmila Vorobyeva, the Ambassador of Russian Federation to Malaysia and Jamalov Yavar, Minister of Defence Industry of the Azerbaijan Republic have also visited the UVZ stand.

воскресенье, 13 апреля 2014 г.


April 10, a meeting of the Board of Directors of OJSC “RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION CORPORATION "URALVAGONZAVOD" on the performance of the Corporation for the period from 2010 to 2013, was held in Moscow. Oleg Sienko, who five years ago on April 10, 2009 was appointed to the position of CEO of OJSC “RPC “URALVAGONZAVOD” gave a report on the performance of the Corporation for the period under review.

According to the head of the Corporation, one of the most important achievements is the creation of a powerful and efficient structure, which in the last five years has shown outstanding results. Most facilities that are now part of the UVZ Corporation, in 2009 were in a grip of crisis together with social tensions. The facilities have had multibillion debts, they operated at a loss. Top priority was repaying losses of previous years in the amount of more than 13 billion rubles in shortest time, becoming profitable, providing new jobs, and more importantly saving tank-building as an industry. In the three-year period from 2010 to 2012 UVZ doubled the key figures - revenue, EBITDA, net profit. Total revenue for the five years has exceeded 414 billion rubles, while total net income was more than 28 billion. Internal cooperation has increased by 900% in 2013 and exceeded 21 billion rubles.

When speaking about the division of special equipment, Oleg Sienko said that in the five years corporation has become a world leader in the production of tanks and other armament. During this time, UVZ has tooled up and mastered the production of more than twenty models of weapons and military equipment, about 1800 of final samples which were supplied to the domestic and foreign markets, has rolled off the production line. State Defense Order has increased 2.5 times and amounted to 56.7 billion rubles.

UVZ has shown impressive performance in the production of railway rolling stock. The Corporation ranks first in the world market of freight railway car building. In the period from 2009 to 2013 UVZ produced and sold 103 336 railway cars worth 189.7 billion rubles, which is an absolute production record. In 2010 the Corporation equaled USSR record for production of railway cars by releasing 20 000 units. In 2011 was set a world record - 25 000 cars and tanks, in 2012 - a new world record – 28 000 units, and in 2013, despite the downturn in market demand, production figures remain at the level of 20,500 railway cars and tank cars.

For the first time in Russia was created a hopper railway car fully made of composition materials for mineral fertilizers. In total in 2013, the company introduced seven new models of railway cars of a new generation of composition materials. This was made possible due to increased funding of R&D. Oleg Sienko highlighted in his report, that the corporation actively promotes light rail transport. It is planned to produce 100 tram cars in 2014, compared to 38 that were built in 2009. A contract with city of Moscow for the supply of 120 modern trams in 2014-2015 was implemented. Until the end of the year Moscow will receive 70 trams. The Corporation will present a prototype of a new generation modular low-floor tram car model R1 of its own design at the leading Russian industrial exhibition "Innoprom 2014".

The report said that UVZ managed to keep the number of employees and raise wages from 13 102 rubles in 2009 to 30 254 rubles in 2013. The Corporation fulfills its social obligations, maintains a number of social facilities: sports venues, cultural and educational establishments. Construction of social housing for employees has started. A 63-apartment building and hospitals with the most modern equipment are under construction in Nizhny Tagil. In the same year UVZ plans to lay the foundation stone for another house for 400 apartments and a year-round children's camp. In conclusion, CEO stressed that the Russian Federation Presidential Decree form Vladimir Putin concerning OJSC “RPC “URALVAGONZAVOD” has been fully implemented.

Today the Corporation is quoted in the international rankings of the armaments and military equipment manufacturers, as it showed the fastest growth among the Russian defense enterprises. Oleg Sienko thanked the staff of industrial enterprises for their dedicated work and professionalism. The Board of directors of the Corporation highly appreciated the five-year work, defining it as success. The Chairman Evgeniy Shkolov suggested to take into account the report and the decision was taken unanimously.

вторник, 8 апреля 2014 г.


With the view to come into emerging markets OPEN JOINT STOCK COMPANY “RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION CORPORATION “URALVAGONZAVOD” is constructing in the town of Nizhny Tagil a new up-to-date shop for production of road-building machinery and components. Production equipment for the shop will be supplied by world’s leading manufacturers. Within the period of 2014 - 2015 OJSC “RPC “URALVAGONZAVOD” intends to master the manufacturing process of high-tech innovative road-building machinery and maintenance vehicles using the newly built production line and according to the following product types: wheeled and tracked loaders, excavators, bulldozers, graders, drilling-crane machines, road-rollers. These vehicles are produced by the road-building division of the corporation centered in CHTZ-Uraltrac Ltd.
OJSC “RPC “URALVAGONZAVOD” is increasing the share of road-building equipment and vehicles in its production scope due to the fact that construction transport infrastructure in the territory of the Russian Federation has been intensified greatly. The market for road infrastructure in the Russian Federation is more than $20 billion per year and experts predict that it will double within the period up to 2020.
As a part of the Federal Target Program “Long-term development of road sector within the period up to 2020” 7 thousand kilometers of automobile roads, 2.5 thousand kilometers of railways and to commission 96 airport runways are to be constructed.
The Russian Federation in cooperation with foreign partners is also implementing a number of major international projects, including development of road transport infrastructure. Such projects include construction of high-speed railway lines and a motorway network to be completed in preparation for the World Ice Hockey Championship in 2016 and the World Football Cup in 2018.
OJSC “RPC “URALVAGONZAVOD” expects to reach a whole new level of road-building machinery production and to consolidate activities of research institutes, design bureaus and manufacturing plants in the shortest time possible to realize major infrastructure projects both in the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad. Today the Corporation cooperates with Caterpillar in the area of development of pipe layers and locomotives, with Bombardier company in the area of design and manufacture of metro coaches as well as with Pesa company in the area of production of modern trams.

пятница, 7 февраля 2014 г.


On February 6, New Delhi, India saw the opening of the 8th Land, Naval and Internal Homeland Security Systems Exhibition DEFEXPO-2014. The Research and Production Corporation “URALVAGONZAVOD” presented the models of the main battle vehicles at its stand, i.e. 155-mm self-propelled howitzer 2S19M1 “Msta-S”, modernized tank T-90SM and various upgrades of tank T-72.

Interactive elements of the vehicle life-cycle support were demonstrated as well. The Corporation is actively promoting not only cutting-edge products but also services and modernization. The URALVAGONZAVOD slogan in a new exhibition series is “Our support for your success. Service, repair, modernization”.

Models of the “Terminator”, the T-90SM tank and the “Terminator 2” on the T-72 tank platform attracted special attention of the exhibition visitors. These models featuring remote control are peculiar for being small copies of the full-scale vehicles.

The 3D screens, where one can watch stereoscopic pictures without special glasses, caught the exhibition participants’ eyes too.

During the first day of the exhibition a number of meetings took place with the Indian side. Oleg Sienko, Director General of the URALVAGONZAVOD Corporation conducted talks with Gen.Lt. S.H. Kulkarni, Director General of  Mechanized Forces, the Indian Ministry of Defence; S. Singh, Chairman of the Ordnance Factories Board and M.C. Bansal, Director General of the Ordnance Factories Board. During the meetings current cooperation points as well as prospective joint projects were discussed between URALVAGONZAVOD and the Indian Ministry of Defence.

Oleg Sienko, the head of URALVAGONZAVOD, discussed the cooperation in optical systems for military vehicles with Bruno Even, Director General of the French “Sagem”.